All Things Mochi

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Woman In Business, Founder of All Things Mochi, Ayah Tabari. All things Mochi is a brand that incorporates various cultures in their beautiful & colorful designs. Each collection is based on a different country and a certain part of that country’s culture. 

“The name Mochi comes from the region of Gujarat. Mochi’s were originally cobblers who later developed the art of embroidery in fine stitching.” 

Ayah Tabari 1  Ayah Tabari 2

Please tell us a bit about your business & your main inspiration to be an entrepreneur? 

All Things Mochi is all about the Art of Embroidery and supporting and sustaining the communities that create the beautiful craftmanship. The places I choose to focus my collections on always need to relate to this – I get inspired by the talent and workmanship that goes into every single garment and just want to continue to help these communities survive. I go back to the countries year after year and it is breathtaking to see how creating Mochi has created jobs, monetary benefits and a different standard of living for these stitching communities.

What would you say is your greatest professional accomplishment?

I think the two coolest things have been Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid wearing Mochi, I literally cried. It was amazing to have such huge women influencers wear my designs. Another was being accepted to participate in Tranoi tradeshow this year, to be welcomed to take part is a huge deal and the selection process was ruthless.

What are the challenges you face of being a Woman In Business?

I wouldn’t say the challenge is being a women so much its more being in fashion  and located in Dubai. I’m not criticizing the country as it is my home and I love it, but we are still an up and coming fashion hub so it can sometimes be difficult to get the resources and support you need. There a few local designers really pushing for international recognition so I am hoping we will soon be a go to fashion spot. Another challenge is that Fashion is a labor intensive tough industry, there are always a million things going on at once so at times it can be exhausting. It is also hard to find the right team, you need everyone to love the brand as much as you do!

What are the rewards?

Seeing how creating Mochi has changed the well being of some of the communities I have worked with is an amazing feeling, the travel I get from my job, the inspiring people I get to meet, and people, press and celebrities loving the clothes!

What is the best advice you’ve received? 

Honesty is key….

Who is you biggest role model in the business world and why? 

My father. He came from nothing, always gives the best advice and has the strongest work ethic of anyone I know.

What advice would you give to women who want to start a business? 

Two things, ignore critism there will be haters and you get out what you put in!

What mistakes have you made along the way and learned from?

I am a very ambitious strong willed person so Mochi grew very fast, maybe a bit fast! I have definitely learnt to slow down and put a proper strategy in place so that we can take on the business that comes to us without there being any panic.

What’s your way forward of expansion? 

Right now my focus is on gaining a key international stockist and also getting the right team in place – this will help us expand and be able to sustain the demand there is for the product. In terms of the public expansion I need to keep the buzz going so I always introduce a new product every few months to keep people talking. It is also important to collaborate with well- known entities with brand synergy to get even bigger exposure. In September we have our first two brand collaborations launching – one internationally with Harrods and one locally with Wojooh – I am super excited about these!

What’s your secret to success? 

Love what you do, if you don’t your in the wrong industry so get out. I live and breathe Mochi and it is now a part of me that I can’t imagine not in my life.

What do you do to unwind & relax?

Normally I just go to the beach and hang out with my husband and friends.

Tell us something no one knows about Ayah?

Umm, I’m actually a very open person so there is not much people don’t know about me!

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You can follow All Things Mochi on their instgram page @allthingsmochi or visit their website 



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