Fig & Honey

I had the pleasure of e-meeting the gorgeous Mompeneur behind Fig & Honey, Founder Ummu Hussein. She is a mother to a beautiful little girl and creative director behind her brand. 

Fig & Honey is known for their adorable organic kids wear & toys. They’re based in London but don’t worry mamas they deliver worldwide 🙂     

unknown1 IMG_4313

Being a Mompreneur isn’t easy. It’s about finding the right balance between being a mom and entrepreneur. How do you create the perfect balance? How do you make sure you’re not dedicating too much time on one and not the other? 

A perfect balance is a little too ambitious I would say. It’s bound to happen. The day I have too much going on in the business I will have one less tea party and there is nothing wrong with that. On a quieter day I can have as many tea parties as my daughter wants. I think it all comes with instinct; you know when you have neglected one or the other. I tend to spend weekends with my husband and daughter and if we have to do something for the business we make a fun day of it. 

Tell us something people don’t know about you?

I refold all the laundry after my husbands offered to fold them #PleaseDontTellHim

 What are the 5 most important things to you?

  1. My daily prayers. Praying everyday helps put everything into perspective. It brings a great sense of calmness and reassurance to my day.
  2. My daughter Anayah she has totally changed my life in the best way possible. 
  3. Being Successful at what I do
  4. Living a healthy lifestyle 
  5. Travelling the world…Bali or India next or maybe just back to Mauritius again! I feel like I learn so much from other people, their cultures and way of life. 

 How did the name “Fig & Honey” come about?

My love for desserts. Food almost appears before anything else in my thought process. For those who know me this wont come as a surprise ha 

What was your main inspiration?

My daughter, she opened a whole new world of Kids fashion that I did not pay much attention to before. She did not only let me do what I love, Creating, but also do something that allows me to spend more time with her. This is the best decision I have made to date. Prior to this I was working on my own Label whilst working full time in Real Estate Finance. 

 How do you maintain work life and time with your baby & family? Do you set hours per week dedicated to Fig & Honey?

Oh I wish I did or could. It’s difficult with a 20 month old to have a routine. And I almost don’t want to. So I work when I can. It’s mostly in the evenings after I’ve put her to sleep. As much as I want to succeed in what I am doing I don’t want to miss this time with her learning and being happier than I’ve ever been. I will have time to grow the business once she starts school but never be able to experience tea parties with her like this again. 

What are the main challenges you come across as a Mompreneur?

Time! Oh and trying to do everything myself. Or having to, more like it.

How do you go about fixing that?

I don’t, I do what I can when I can, make the most of the little time I get. I come from a corporate world where you work and work and work. And I disagree with that. Yes work, work hard but learn to live a little too, enjoy the little things in life. You need to sometimes take a break from what you do to be good at what you do.                                                                                                           

What’s the best advice you received?

“What’s the worst that could happen? Them saying, No” so don’t be afraid to ask. That is the best advice I have ever got. This advice will take you places you never thought you could go! 

What’s your advice to mothers who want to start their own businesses? 

Start with what you have. Without starting you won’t know what you really need to make it work.  Oh, and don’t compare yourself to someone more experienced because they once started where you are.

What do you do to unwind and relax? 

More like do you have time to unwind and relax. I need to add that to my to do list somewhere. I don’t at the moment and I naturally just accept it. I guess it’s because I love spending time with my daughter and I love what I do. The closest thing to unwinding is a cup of tea, custard creams and catching up on Vlogs.

 And finally take me through a day in Ummu’s life..

Wake up nice and early (depending on what time we slept last night), Need coffee, wake the house up with some light and fresh air, Anayah wakes up, its time for a tea party (in her tee pee) a morning ritual in our household, followed by some real breakfast. After some fun bath time Anayah has her mid morning nap, time to check emails and check social media. Anayah’s about to wake up but not before I’ve made her lunch. It’s Lunchtime for the both of us. Afternoons always vary, but we do try and squeeze in a trip to the park (she loves the swings). Baba is coming home soon (Usually with some cakes and goodies) and we eagerly wait peeking out the window. They play together while I prep dinner as she’s missed him all day, its soon time for dinner followed by Anayah’s bedtime.  Time to get a hot drink and get down to ticking things off, packing orders, working on products/designs etc.…Before we know it, it’s bed time for the both of us. 

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You can Ummu on her instgram page @fig_honey or check out their website



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