Happy 6 Months Adam ♥ ♥

Our little angel is 6 months today!! Mashallah  ♥   Feels like just yesterday it was February 10th and I gave birth to this cutest tiny angel! How time flies!

We started the day with a 6am walk around Springs. Adam loves walks and luckily this morning it was nice and breezy. He was laughing and smiling all the way, it was just perfect seeing him so happy. 

We decided to go out and have a family lunch and get some toys for Adam. But before that of course we had to take some cute pictures with Adam’s milestone cards marking his 6 months today ♥ ♥   

Headed to Emirates Mall with hubby & Adam where my darling friend Hafsa joined us. Hafsa and I have known each other since we were 12! She is such an angel. Although we hardly see each other with her constantly moving continents, when we do meet it’s like we see each other everyday. And that’s what I love most about her. She’s so easy going and just amazing! ♥  

We shopped a bit for Adam before we met up with Hafsa. Hubby & I were so excited for Adam turning 6 months we didn’t know what to get! After going around to a few shops we decided to save the big presents for when he turns 1, maybe for now just something small. We got him Barney, fluffy cat/dog and the finger puppets. 

IMG_9112 IMG_9112

Naturally we went to PF Changs for lunch. Who could resist their Dynamite Shrimps? Yum!! We had a lovely lunch and enjoyed each other’s company. Adam loved the attention he was getting from Hafsa, hubby & I. He is such a easy going baby. While we ate, Adam was busy with his toys. We decided coffee was absolutely necessary so headed to Paul’s cafe. 

IMG_9091  IMG_9087 IMG_9090

Had a lovely time talking over some lattes and desserts. Adam joined us too, with his milk that is 🙂 We took a few more pictures with Adam and played around with him. Before we said our goodbye’s we decided to get Adam this cool gadget for his stroller for his i pad/ hubby’s phone to listen to music or watch some Gracie Lou. You can adjust the size depending on the device. 


How cool is that? And how comfortable does Adam look chilling in his stroller watching Gracie Lou? ♥  

Happy 6 months my baby ♥ ♥ ♥  Inshallah you are always happy & healthy.  Mama & baba love you to the moon and back! 



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