Adam ♥

My baby is almost 6 months mashallah (in two days) Time honestly flies by! Feels like just yesterday I held him for the first time. I know I always keep going on and on about my love for Adam but I just can’t stop! Adam has made me a better person. He’s made me appreciate life so much more. Seeing him smile lights up my world. He is truly baba and mama’s angel. And words can’t express how much joy he’s brought into our lives.

Every day is a new experience with Adam. He’ll have new expressions or mumble words we’ve never heard of before! We’ve been teaching him to sit (Well trying) and that’s a mission. Adam wants to walk! He is not interested in sitting. He wants to play with our tv remote, mama’s phone and watch Gracie Lou. He’s recently started turning so let’s all he wants to do as well. Just roll back and fourth with me & hubby stressing out! You literally cannot leave Adam and turn even for a second! 

So we put Adam in the sitting position and he stays there for 5 seconds then goes down on his side and starts playing with his toes 🙂 We’re not so stressed about to be honest, everything at it’s own time. When he’s ready to sit, he will inshallah. 


We pray, inshallah, Adam will always be healthy & happy. That’s the most important thing to us. It’s the most important thing to any parent. We can’t wait to experience new things with him. So far it’s truly been heaven on earth♥♥  

A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty” 



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