In Our Dreams

There isn’t a day that went by when I was pregnant I didn’t think of Adam or dream of him. Hubby & I would always exchange dreams we had of Adam and how he looked like. 

In my dreams, this cutest little angel with big curly hair and beautiful brown eyes would run to me. I would wake up in the morning with excitement, I couldn’t wait! In hubby’s dream Adam was the sweetest baba’s boy with beautiful brown eyes. He was also a fighter in hubby’s dreams but that’s because my sweet darling husband is obsessed with UFC. We fell in love with the boy in our dreams.

There’s nothing hubby & I looked forward to more than our scans. We couldn’t wait for our next appointment to see our little boy. Adam always had funny ways of positioning himself. We loved seeing him and hearing his little heart beat, that was the highlight of our day. 


I never loved my stomach as much as I did when I was carrying Adam. Our baby was in there! How beautiful is life?  

We knew our lives would change in a matter of seconds. It did. And it was beautiful. Seeing Adam for the first time was the most amazing feeling in this world. Most amazing feeling in my life. Here was my heart, right in my arms.

I’ve never been more proud of anything in my life than I am of Adam. He is our everything & more. He is a part of us. And we are a part of him.




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