Adam’s Teething!

IMG_6968Few weeks ago we noticed Adam had fevers regularly and wasn’t himself at all. He cried a lot, hardly slept and hardly ate. He started throwing up more often, hubby & I thought maybe he had a stomach bug? We decided to go see his doctor.

After examining our little angel, he informed us from the hardness of Adam’s gums, he was teething! He continued to explain it was normal for babies to have fevers, eat less, sleep less & cry a lot during this stage. As relived as we were it wasn’t a stomach bug, we were now worried about the pain our little boy will be going through. 

Adam’s doctor gave us the teething gel Dentinox & Adol for fevers. We apply the gel to his gums about 3 – 5 times a day and it’s been helping plus Adam loves the taste of it. We give him Adol when he has a fever otherwise we just use the gel and his teething toys which most of the time are our fingers 🙂

It’s so hard seeing Adam in distress. I pray his tooth comes out soon honestly! Hamdulilah it’s not so bad now but I hear it gets worse before it gets better. So inshallah it’s not so bad.

We are on Tooth Watch till then! 🙂



Adam’s teething toys:

First picture – Youmah Cares @youmahcares

Sophie the giraffe – @mumzworldcom

Baba & Mama’s fingers ❤

One thought on “Adam’s Teething!

  1. awwh! bless.

    I do hope that he gets out of this phase very soon and with as less pain possible [inshaAllah].

    I know that it must be hard on parents to see their little ones hurt </3

    It is nice to see another version of Sophie the giraffe. AZ has the traditional of Sophie the giraffe and he also loves it.


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