My Pregnancy

Overwhelmed with emotions, I had to sit down and just breathe in. We were pregnant! I had a tiny little soul growing inside of me. Most amazing thing in life is to give life to someone else. As nervous as we were, it quickly turned into excitement and joy! We couldn’t wait to tell everyone. 

We made an appointment to go see a doctor who confirmed we were 5 weeks pregnant. My stomach was no longer my stomach. It was a home to our baby. 

First Trimester 

Morning sickness! Except I had night sickness. I was perfect in the morning but the minute it got dark I started throwing up. I lost my appetite completely. Or maybe it was because I knew whatever I had would eventually come out and that sick feeling was unbearable. My favorite perfume (Flower Bomb by Viktor Rolf) made me sick. My favorite foods were now my most hated. Foods I hated were now what I loved and craved. Everything was changing so fast! I felt tired so quickly and had no energy whatsoever. 

The first scan melted our hearts. It suddenly felt so real. We were having a baby! It is the most beautiful feeling in the world! My doctor always made me feel at ease(Dr Helena Taylor). As a first time mummy to be, I felt so confident with her. She gave me so much to read on that made me more aware of what was happening and what to expect. I now knew what medicines to take and what to avoid. What foods I should take and what not too. Along with that was my folic acid and my vitamins. 

Second Trimester

I was now showing. My belly was nice and round. My appetite came back ten fold. We couldn’t wait to go for our next weeks scan. Adam had funny ways of positioning himself. Every time I saw him I felt more & more alive. I had a baby growing in me. Our little angel.

Second trimester was a breeze. No more night sickness! I actually enjoyed my food. Throughout my pregnancy I never had funny cravings. Except for one night at almost midnight I wanted a hotdog!

Swollen feet was my only issue this time around. My feet would swell up so much they looked like Fiona’s feet (Shrek’s wife) Working 9am – 6pm didn’t make things any better. My doctor advised I put my legs up at work rather than leave them hanging down. That helped a bit. A tiny bit. I still had swollen feet! My cute shoes were now decorations 🙂 

15 Weeks
15 Weeks

Third Trimester

Hello backaches, swollen feet, and bleeding gums. Let’s not forget the little man inside me kicking non stop! The first time I felt Adam kick I was lost for words. How do I explain it?

29 Weeks
29 Weeks

It wasn’t long till those kicks & punches turned painful but still a beautiful feeling I must say. The more my belly grew, the difficult it was to sleep at night.  Sleepless nights was now my best friend. Third trimester was the hardest for me. I felt heavier. I was always exhausted. I was still doing 9am – 6pm which took my exhaustion to another level. My feet went from size 37 to 39. Nothing fit me anymore! 

I couldn’t wait to give birth! Time stood still again. Days felt like weeks and weeks felt like months. Hamdulilah throughout my pregnancy I never had any complications. It was only when I went in for my 37 weeks appointment that my doctor told me I needed to give birth right away. The funny thing is I walked in that day begging her to induce me! It wasn’t till after the scan that we found some complications. I was admitted on 9th February 2015 at City Hospital and started getting induced at 5am. I gave birth 10th February at 4:16pm. 

Adam was born! I can never ever express in words the feeling at that moment. The soul that was growing in me is now in my hands. So beautiful and delicate. It’s unbelievable! Everything I went through was now worth it. In fact it seemed like nothing. 

I fell in love with an angel. Holding Adam for the first time was the most precious and beautiful moment in my life. He was a part of me and I was a part of him. Forever and always! 

IMG_0081_2 IMG_0114_2



2 thoughts on “My Pregnancy

  1. Congrats on the birth of your son, he is adorable! I came across your blog and noticed that we have the same clothes and the same stroller for our boys – mine is just a month younger than yours! We were probably due the same time (end Feb) except you were early and I was a week overdue… Funny coincidence!?

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