Zayan The Label

Last week we went to Tasha’s for a late breakfast. After which I decided to Pass by Zayan The Label. I absolutely fell in love with two dresses! I didn’t know which to pick of the two, see below;

IMG_3988 IMG_3989

I went home without purchasing none. If you’re following me on instgram you will see I posted both pictures asking which was the best in your eyes. I wanted something I could wear for Eid. With that said I thought the long lace was the best! But my heart was set on the other dress. 

Just today I was invited to an event by a dear friend that would include some of the best bloggers in the UAE. First thing that came into my mind was WHAT will I wear? I then decided to make my way to Galleria Mall for the much awaited purchase..

IMG_4550_2 IMG_4547_2 IMG_4548

So I went back to Zayan The Label and knew what I was getting to wear to the event tomorrow..

IMG_4551IMG_4546_2 IMG_4561

I had to get that dress! I am so excited and can’t wait to wear it out.



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