Hello lovelies  

Here I am wondering what do I take & what to leave behind?

I don’t know what to pack for Adam!  I know we will need a lot of bibs for sure, plenty of clothes, sweater maybe? I’m worried about not being able to find some of the baby products so do I take extra packs of pampers, bioderma wipes, mustela products, washing liquid etc? 

We are going to Tanzania for a week to 10 days, so I doubt we will need the stroller and even if we do, I really don’t want to take my Stokke. So I’m thinking of getting a lighter and maybe less expensive one, which would you suggest?

What about toys? Do I carry his jumperoo and baby bouncer? They’re heavy and obviously won’t fit in our suitcase! What’s the best and easy toys to take? 

My doctors advised me while take off and landing, I make sure I am breastfeeding Adam as that would avoid his ears getting blocked. Any other tips?

My worries? Mosquitos!!! His doctor’s advise “Make sure he doesn’t get bitten by any mosquito” Hmm we are going to Africa sir! So i’ll be taking long pants and long sleeves shirts and t-shirts. Also we’ll be using the mosquito net while he sleeps or naps. He also suggested these wipes which protects him from 6 – 8 hours. Medicines? I can only give Adam Adol for kids so that’s all i’ll be taking.

Any advise on traveling with a 5 month old? 🙂 I am honestly so worried on how Adam will take all of this. Will he be happy traveling or is it just going to be a pain to him?