Stokke Xplory Stroller Review


When looking for Adam’s stroller we were spoilt for choices! We didn’t know where to begin. So hubby & I thought maybe we should think of what we wanted in the stroller, that could perhaps make the decision easier!

We ended up choosing the Stokke Xplory of course. Besides the fact it looks really amazing, it’s also great  and so easy to steer around(look at the handle below). The big wheels on it make it easier on flat surface and rough roads. I personally love shopping whether its grocery or for Adam & myself; with the Xplory, you’d be shocked how much weight the it can take!

IMG_4519 IMG_4522 IMG_4513

IMG_4518 IMG_4516The little bag that comes under the stroller is great for Adam’s change of clothes, diapers, toys etc. It saves me having to carry a separate bag for Adam’s things.

You also have the option to add an additional stokke bag at the back as well. See those two round hooks? You attach the bag there..


Buying a Stoke Xplory comes with your basic seat (displayed at the top of the page) and the option of buying an additional bassinet as well (displayed below) . Adam was a very tiny baby, I wasn’t sure sitting him in the chair was such a good idea so we got the bassinet as well. It was excellent as we used it for Adam to sleep in when we went visiting families. You just detach the bassinet and put it on the bed or wherever next to you. The bassinet is so comfortable as well, Adam sleeps so peacefully in it..

IMG_4514 IMG_4517_2

Other plus points include:

– You can adjust the steering bar to the perfect height thus avoiding unnecessary discomfort.

– It can also be used as a highchair at restaurants by tilting the chair forward.

– The close proximity to your baby

– Multi position seat recline

– Seat can be switched to facing you or facing the world

– Great foot rest once baby is old enough

– The hood is excellent at keeping your baby protected from the sun

– Lot’s of accessories you can purchase for it

I personally love it!

With that said, there are a few downsides that some people might find.

– It comes with a hefty price tag

– It’s takes time getting used to unpacking it but once you’re used to it, it’s easy to pack!

– Takes up a lot of space in the car

In conclusion, there are more positives for us than negatives. It’s an overall excellent stroller and looks great!

Please feel free to comment on any good points or bad points I might have missed out on.




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