Mamas & Papas Capella Bouncer

This was one of the first things we got before Adam was even born. It was a gift we received on my baby shower. It’s absolutely excellent as we started using it when Adam was about 4 weeks. He loved it and would fall asleep in it so easily 

IMG_5918 IMG_5911

Please see below the plus points:

 Easy to set up and pack away

– Doesn’t require a lot of floor space

– It’s great for new born

– Seat well padded and comfortable

– Vibrations on it very soothing for baby

– A few lullabies and they’re not so annoying 

– Price is great

I honestly can’t seem to a lot of bad things with this one. Only thing is now that Adam is 4 and a half months, it doesn’t seem so fitting as there is only one position. Adam likes to be in a seating position so he tries to get up when he’s on it. Maybe a few more toys attached to it. 

This is the most used item. We literally used it everyday for Adam from 4 weeks till recently.  We would put him in it and few minutes later he is falling asleep 

IMG_2278   IMG_3515_2 IMG_2094_2 IMG_2030_2 IMG_2003 IMG_2127 IMG_1473_2

Definitely recommend it 


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