If Adam loves anything now is to play and laugh. It’s amazing!! He literally just wakes up in the morning, me or hubby say “Good Morning Baby” and there goes a huge smile from Adam. He says “Hey” ! 

   When it comes to his sleeping he is great. By 6 ish pm he is already sleepy. I didn’t want him to get into the habit of sleeping so late. So we started early to get him use to it. At 6pm sharp hubby and I would take him in the room and just leave the lamp on. Initially he would cry a lot and my mum would come over and say “Waheeba just 1 more hour then i’ll put him to sleep” Of course the minute Adam hears mum’s voice he starts smiling and who could say no to that smile? So he won a lot of times. 

On weekends he gets away with sleeping late because mum sleeps with him so of course he gets spoilt rotten and gets away with murder! My brother is another person who spoils Adam. The minute Adam sees him he gets so excited and starts smiling. No matter what my brother says, Adam will laugh like no one’s business!

In the middle of the nights when he wakes up to feed, most of the nights he goes right back to sleep. Some nights however at 2 am or 3 am Adam decides he wants to talk and laugh. Of course hubby says “how can you say no to that smile?” Sometimes I feel like the bad cop and everyone else is the good cop! 

I can’t complain though, Adam is such a sweet baby and of course I love our night cuddles. Hubby says he always wakes up and sees us two holding hands and sleeping close to each other.

Only god knows how much we love this boy!! He is truly a blessing and our little angel

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