Adam’s Appointment

Luckily Adam’s appointment didn’t go as bad as we thought. At two months when he had his vaccinations, he was fast asleep so he hardly cried. This time I tried my best to put him to sleep so it’s easier for him as well but of course Adam didn’t want to sleep. 


We made our way to City Hospital, with me still trying to get Adam to sleep. Time came to get those injections! Adam cried a bit the first one but it’s the second one that broke my heart! He cried quite a bit my baby. It’s so hard seeing Adam cry, he is such a happy and smiley baby. Hamdulilah that’s all over! Well until 6 months then we’re back again. 

Any suggestions or tricks to distract them? I would really appreciate them.

On a positive & happy note, Adam’s 4 months today!! Mashallah he changes everyday. I feel like now he’s developed an attitude already! As hard as it may be to believe. We asked his pediatrician if we could start Adam on solids. He of course said yes, he advised parents to start anytime after 4 months. But of course it depends if your baby is ready for solids. One of the signs to tell is he is; if your baby shows so much interest in your food. If he just watches you eat, then rest assured he wants to eat too 🙂

Dr. Kethar is a fantastic doctor so of course we trust him 100%. He has advised us to first start with Cerelac rice pudding for a week or two (It’s easier for babies to digest), only at lunch time and the rest of the feeds normal breastmilk. If Adam responds well to that, after two weeks we can start with vegetables. For now the vegetables we should give him are:

– Sweet potatoes

– Pumpkin

– Carrots

– Potatoes

– Butternut squash

We should boil them then blend or puree.  As advised, we should give him each vegetable for a day or 2, this way if it upsets Adam or if he’s allergic to it we’ll be able to tell. After 4 or 5 weeks of vegetables we can start introducing fruits. 

Fruits suggested intially were:

– Green apples

– Banana

– Pears

I will still be breastfeeding him of course. I’m excited for Adam to start solids and I can’t wait to see his reaction to the different veggies and apples. I hear those are such fun and exciting times for both parents and the baby 🙂 

End of the day some kids start as early as 4 months and some as late as 7 months. It all depends on your baby. We knew Adam was ready for solids and was keen on speaking to the doctor about it. We’re so glad he sees it as well.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts

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