Adam on Veggies

So yaaayy we started veggies!! Ah the expressions are priceless  ❤  

First Vegetable

We started with Carrots. 

I started with properly washing the carrot and peeling it.I then boiled it for about 20 minutes then put it in the blender. I didn’t add any water at first as I wanted it to have a bit of texture. Once blended I added a bit of water (About 150 ml). I didn’t want it to be so watery as I wanted Adam to notice the difference. He hated carrots! He made faces like he is about to throw up! I gave him about 3 to 4 spoons then he refused to open his mouth. Second day was the same, this time after the first spoon he realized it was the same thing so he refused to even have the second spoon!

Second Vegetable

We moved on to Sweet Potatoes, the first spoon he seemed a bit more at ease. I noticed he wasn’t so happy about it though. He had about 5 to 6 spoons. Second day he loved it!! He had everything on the bowl and cleaned it empty. I was puzzled as to why he didn’t like it as much the day before and suddenly he is loving it. Mum then told me the first day she had bought the sweet potatoes from Lulu Hypermarket that were from Oman. The second day she bought from Spinneys that were from US! So now I know which he likes 🙂

Third Vegetable

Butternut Squash! Adam loved it! It’s day two today of butternut squash and he is so happy having it. I think he is more drawn to the sweet veggies which worries me because later on when we start with the greens, he will definitely not like them!

We will be having mash potatoes tomorrow and day after. After that I will be mixing veggies together and see how he responds to it.

Any veggies to mix which would taste good? I would very much appreciate your suggestions 🙂

I got this excellent feeding bib as a gift from the lovely Benazir from It is perfect for feeding solids! Thank you so much  ❤

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